Commercial Concrete Contractors

Commercial concrete refers to a type of concrete used in constructing and renovating business facilities such as malls, warehouses, office blocks, and industrial buildings. Unlike residential concrete, commercial concrete has greater structural and durability demands.

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Commercial concrete floor cleaners and sidewalks require stronger reinforcement, to withstand heavy foot traffic, unlike other types of buildings.

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Types of Commercial Concrete Contractors Round Rock TX

Commercial Concrete Companies Sidewalk

Commercial concrete companies’ sidewalks have long lifespans, usually up to 40 years. It is important to note that their longevity can be lengthened by getting the services of a reliable concrete contractor, who will use high-quality materials. Proper maintenance practices are also required after construction.

Concrete Commercial Contractors Flat Work

A slab is a flat horizontal surface made from concrete. In many concrete commercial buildings, slabs are used in the construction of the ground floor and the ceiling. The type of slab to be constructed in a building highly depends on its architectural layout, aesthetic values, and the targeted life span.

Stamped Concrete Commercial Sealer

Stamped concrete is a type of concrete that is textured to look like slate, tile, wood, stone, brick, and other types of patterns. Stamped concrete can be used in sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Stamped concrete commercial enhances the appearance and increases the durability of floors. It is also more affordable than other flooring materials.

ADA Ramps

An ADA ramp is an inclined plane on which wheelchairs can easily move on. The Americans with disabilities act (ADA) requires facilities to install ramps to make it possible for people with disabilities to access buildings. ADA dimensions include:

  • A run not exceeding 30 inches
  • A cross slope not exceeding a ratio of 1:48

Benefits of hiring a concrete contractor Round Rock for your commercial polished concrete project

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Concrete Contractors

They Save Time

Our professional commercial concrete contractors have the right tools to do their job and are efficient in the process. Our concrete commercial contractors have the best training to be able to take on whatever project you have.

They are Highly Experienced

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