Residential Concrete Contractors

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Are you interested in hiring residential concrete contractors near me? Countless households all over Round Rock, TX, and the surrounding areas have hired our services in the past. Commercial concrete and residential concrete contractors are proud to have satisfied customers all over the greater Austin metro area. We make your residential concrete project smooth through a residential concrete company. We have the proper equipment, years of experience, contractors’ insurance in round rock, and all licenses required. This way you avoid having potential issues with your residential concrete job going wrong. Call Round Rock Concrete Contractors now if you are looking for concrete contractor supply near me in Round Rock.

Residential Concrete Contractor

Homeowners from all over Round Rock and Austin TX have trusted us to perform a wide array of residential concrete services. Have a look at some of them below. If you do not see a sample of the service you are interested in, make sure to call us and we can discuss your special project. – these are just selected services. Remember: we work with all things related to concrete.

New Residential Concrete Service

We are specialists in all types of new construction in round rock Texas. Your new home foundation is the most important part of your home construction. Trust the experts at Round Rock Concrete Contractor and you will have the highest quality slab in the business.

Residential Home Concrete Slab Round Rock Tx
Round Rock Tx Residential Home Foundation

Our pros-round rock concrete contractors understand the importance of a good solid foundation. Our residential elevated concrete slabs are built in a solid, single layer of concrete, with footers at the edges for firmer results. It contains a rebar wire mesh into the concrete to reduce the chances of cracking and can also have pre-tensioned cables for even better-cracking resistance.

Residential Concrete Foundation Contractors

For small home additions that require a foundation to be poured, we can take care of you. These projects are just as important to get right as the large new home foundation so our attention to detail and service on our concrete projects are second to none. So, call us at 512-866-7834 to get a price on your project.

Concrete Driveways

Simple concrete driveways are usually gray and boring. Decorative concrete driveways can be stained, painted, textured, and stamped. We can work with you in choosing a pattern that complements your home’s design.

Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks

Concrete walkways enhance any front yard. It can be customized according to your chosen design, pattern, and even color. Stamping brick and cobblestone adds a lot of elegance.

Concrete sidewalks add curb appeal the same way, only with extra benefits. Sidewalks and curbs prevent cars from parking on your grass or ruining your sprinkler system.

Patios and Polished Concrete Residential

When the concrete is poured or cured, it can be stamped for a decorative style. It is regular concrete, but with an extra charm that a concrete slab does not have. Stamped concrete in patios can have a number of different effects. Some of them are bricks, blocks, shale, and cobblestone.

Concrete Retaining Walls

They work like a barrier that protects your property from flooding or an abnormal shift in soil. residential polished concrete floors are durable and strong, even against storms, ground movement, floods, and objects dropped or thrown onto them.

Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete is safe and textured, which gives good traction to bare feet. It is also easy to clean and durable, unlike a wooden deck. They can be either stained with colors or stamped in patterns such as flagstone, stone, and even wood or tile.

Exposed Aggregate

This is a decorative concrete where pebbles and small stones, the “aggregates”, are exposed to add visual interest to the surface. It is strong, cost-effective way, and highly customizable.